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Thursday, July 26th 2012

3:20 AM

Teen pussy and porn


Related article: Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 18:43:17 +0100
From: Tom Blakley
Subject: Double D part 4Double D
Part 4Copyrighted 2011
Author Kiltie69Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to individuals,
living or dead are pure coincidence.If you are offended by man on man romance or sex do not continue in reading
this story. Do not read this story if you are underage according to the
laws of your country or state.This tale may include sex between to consenting, legal adults.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Donald arrived at college, it was the second last day, to find Mark waiting
for him at the gate, they only had two classes today one first thing and
one right after lunch. Both classes Mark would be in so Donald felt
better. They talked for a little while waiting for Geoff to turn up. Just
as the bell started ringing Geoff came trotting up to the main college
doors."Sorry I'm late you two had some trouble with Mum, she wants me to go see
my grandparents the first couple of weeks of the holidays, I told her I
couldn't because I might be in court. That's when I got interrogated. teen whores porn She
sure can worry, she was all you in trouble, you going to jail. I hate it
when she is like that."Donald smiled and Mark sniggered at Geoff woes, they headed in. The first
class flew in even though nothing was really done. Everyone was on holiday
wind down. When class finished Mark suggested they nip into town and check
out the music and games store then head back to get lunch, the cafeteria
was cheaper than anywhere in town, and the food was good. They all agreed
so headed of into town. They had a great time handjob teen
just chilling, Mark stuck
close to Donald and both made sure Geoff wasn't left out.Donald, while in one of the music shops managed to slip away for a second,
he bought three vouchers as a raw teen porn sex
thank you, one each for Geoff, Mike and
Coach. Then after rejoining the others wandering round he heard Mark
express an interest in a couple of Cd's and a few DVDs and Blu Rays, Donald
made a mental note.While Donald had snuck off Mark and Geoff were talking, Mark had been
thinking about how he could have a special day for Donald, he wanted a
romantic date, Geoff hadn't really done the romantic date so was of little
help. Mark had already spoken last night, on returning home, to his dad.
His parents were planning on leaving for a week long city break in Europe
at the weekend so, he want to know if it was ok to have Donald stay for a
couple of nights. He explained to his dad his basic plan for a romantic
date and his dad just smiled and said he could use the wine in the store
room if needed. Now he needed Geoff's help to get a few things.Geoff was more than willing to get involved he wanted Mark and Donald to
make a go of it, he could see how much they meant to each other. He only
wished he had someone now, he had dated a girl called Lorraine. For a few
years till she got a job four hundred miles away, it end not long after.
Since then he had had a few flings but nothing he could call love.Mark asked Geoff to do a bit of shopping for him, what he needed was easily
bought in a shop that was in the same complex as they were. It was arrange
that when they started to young teen sex gallery head back Geoff would go off on the errand. This
was all sorted in just as Donald returned."See anything cool Handsome" Mark asked, Donald smiled. He wanted to hold
Mark but that would not be a good idea, things in Scotland were changing
but you could still have problems if you were a same sex couple. Instead
he just moved as close as he could, they then headed off to look at one or
two more shops. On passing a card shop Donald said he would catch them in
Game Station, he needed some cards for the vouchers and a special one for
Mark.He found what he needed after about ten minutes, he paid for it and headed
off to Game station. He found Mark but no Geoff, he had gone off on his
errand, Mark was browsing PC games. Donald said he would be over at the
360 games and off he went. They browsed for a bit when Geoff returned with
a large bag saying."It's the last time I shop for my mum, it was a nightmare." Mark smiled at
him knowing what was in the bag, Donald smiled and then noticing the time
said they better head back. So off they went. The route they took wound
alongside a river, it was a sunny day, for Scotland, and it made it all the
better with the company.As they walked they talked about getting together through the holidays and
maybe trying to get away to somewhere for a bit. They came to the campus
grounds and turned up a path that wound through some trees. Mark looked
about to see if there was anyone around. Geoff was slightly ahead of them,
he pulled Donald to him suddenly, Donald got a bit of a fright at this but
soon relaxed. Mark planted a huge kiss on him, holding him."I've needed to do that all morning."Geoff had heard Donald's gasp at free nude teen thumbs being grabbed and turned, just in time to
see Mark plant his kiss. He smiled, but deep down he felt a pang of
regret, this would not register till later with unexpected consequences.
He started toward the college again glancing over his shoulder."You two coming, or should I just leave you two in the woods."Both the lovers broke their embrace and laughed. They started to jog
towards him, he broke and ran, in the end the three ended up chasing each
other like little kids.The rest of the day went by without much to comment on, pretty soon it was
home time, Mark had things to do so said his goodbyes to the guys and they
headed off, Donald walk part of the way with them then headed of home.
Geoff and Mark sorted out the bags they had, and headed home.Mark got home to find his mum packing for their trip."So how was today, did you do much?" she asked.Mark told her what asian teen porn movie he had done and then headed to his room so he could
check what Geoff had bought. When he got there he opened the bag to find
all the items he asked for and a few extra. He stashed the bag in his
closet. He then opened his bag he used for college and pulled out a bag
with the game station logo on it. He had bought Donald two games and
planned to give them him on their date. He also had a music cd he had
bought to add it.He would soon be called to dinner, he had one thing still to do and he
would sort that out on the computer. He went on to a card site and ordered
a romantic card, asking Donald to an evening of romance, this would be
delivered to Donald the next day at school, along with some flowers. His
plans were underway and running well, if all worked out.He went to dinner and spent the evening with his dad and mum catching up,
they would be leaving for their holiday the next day. He went to his room
around nine and played on the Xbox for a couple of hours before heading to
bed and dreaming of the possibilities Saturday might bring.Donald had gone home and written the cards he had bought, he to, sent a
card through a card site to Mark saying how much he loved him. He ate and
watched some TV then packed all the stuff he needed for his last day. He
went to bed happy with how it had went.Geoff had spent the rest of the day, avoiding his family after the mornings
events. He spent the time in his room gaming only going down for dinner.
He had been thinking about what a match Donald and Mark were, he wanted to
find love but never really had any luck. He was good looking, he had had
girlfriends but they didn't last other than for Lorraine.All three guys slept each dreaming of the one they loved or fancied, they
all woke refreshed and ready for their last day.Last day at college before summer break was basically saying goodbye to
everyone, especially for those who had finished courses and were leaving to
find work. Geoff had met a few of the team to say goodbye, they had asked
if he had seen Mark that morning but he hadn't and wouldn't till lunch.
Meanwhile Mark and Donald had met and were doing psp teen porn the round of the few
lecturers they liked.The morning flew in sex teens and lunchtime arrived. They found Geoff sitting at a
table in the cafeteria waiting for them. No one else they knew was around
so grabbing food they sat to catch up. Geoff told them that he planned to
see coach after lunch, so they decided to go together. Donald also wanted
to see Mike so they all agreed to that as well. They sat eating as the
cafe got busier, the football team arrived to talk to Mark. They were all
saying what they were doing for summer and trying to arrange some meetings
with Geoff and Mark. They were not ignoring Donald it was just they didn't
really know him and then there was the one or two who didn't care for his
company.The bell sounded to end lunch and everyone said their goodbye exchanging
hugs and handshakes. They had sort of arranged a day out in three weeks
but would be in touch closer to the day. Donald, Mark and Geoff headed off
to the gym to see if they could catch Coach Strachan. raw teen porn sex They passed Mike on
the way and spoke to him briefly saying goodbye, and exchanging numbers.
Both Donald and Mark wanted to get to know him better. Geoff got waylaid
by some friends, as they walked, so told them just to head to see coach, he
would catch up. Then saying bye they headed to see Coach, who they found
walking towards his office."Hello Mark, Donald to what do I owe the honour." he said smiling."We wanted to say goodbye teen sex tube till next term" said Mark then continuing "and I
personally wanted to thank you for all the help you've given me. I
wouldn't have played as well as I had if not for you." He put out his hand
to shake which Coach did.Donald then moved to shake his hand as well. "Coach thanks for everything,
I wanted to thank you and mike for what you have done to help teen asleep porn me." He gave
him an envelope with Paul written on it. Coach looked at it and said teen panty porn thumbs
he shouldn't have gotten anything, Mark watched on smiling he had seen the
cards bought but didn't know what was in them. Coach opened it and read
the free xxx young teens card and then the message in it. It read "To a fantastic guy who has
been a great coach in sports and recently in life. I hope I can one day
have what you have, I'm getting there though. Yours always Donald." Coach
just looked at Donald and smiled he then grabbed him and bear hugged him."Hey what's going on, you trying to steal my man?" It was Mike, he had
something behind his back which he was hiding."It was me that stole the hug, Mike." said Coach. Both men were smiling,
Donald had looked a little worried and embarrassed when he had been caught.
Mike hugged Donald one handed still free webcams teen porn hiding whatever behind his back."I couldn't do that back in the hall so there you go." He then revealed
what he had hidden."They for me you shouldn't have." Said coach with a smile.Mike laughed "No there for this young man here, his admirer has sent them
to the school, I wonder who it was?" said Mike as he handed Donald the
flowers.Donald wasn't expecting this he was a little shocked he knew who they were
from, well he at least thought they would be from Mark. He opened the card
that came with the flowers. It read, "To someone very special to me, I
love you with asian teen bonage porn
every fibre of my being." On a second card it said "You are
invited to a dinner date on Saturday bring an overnight bag." Donald had
asked for romance and he got it, with Coach teens porn and Mike watching he hugged
Mark."Young love" said Mike. This reminded Donald he had still a task to
complete. He handed Mike his envelope."The card says it all, Mike, it's just a small thank you."Mike actually looked embarrassed, Coach started to rib him a little about
it. Mike opened the card and on seeing the voucher looked at Donald. "Why
this Donald all I did was my job." He then read the message."To Mike, who made me realize real men can be romantic and gentle hearted.
Thanks for everything you have done in the short time I've known you. Love
DD"Mike looked as though he might cry at any moment, he grabbed Donald and
pulled him into and embrace. Mark was amazed how Donald just seemed to
disappear under Mike arms."You are someone very special Donald." Mike said then looking at Mark said
"take special care of him or I will deal with you." Mark was a little
scared at first then realized Mike was winding him up. He suddenly
realized that Mike liked him and Donald, well maybe not sex teens liked but cared
for.They suddenly heard voices, it was what was left of the football team
coming to say goodbye to Coach. They were a little surprised by finding
Mark and Donald with Coach, Mark yes but Donald as well no. It was left asian teen porn movie at
that, they said their goodbyes to Coach then in ones and two drifted to
their next task. Fredrick had all week, been wondering why Donald was now
always around. He only ever saw him with Mark or Geoff, he knew how close
those two were, could they be like Donald, could it be that they were
lovers and Donald was a third. His mind was working through the possible
disgusting theories as he walked with Paul to their last class. He would
do some snooping around to find out, his best mate was about to go to court
for what he had done, but he would be avenged somehow. Frederick had never
been a leader, he was always following Roger so this was new to him, his
time would come.Once every one had gone Coach said he had stuff to do, as did Mike. Mark
and Donald headed to find Geoff. They found him talking to Paul from the
football. When Paul saw them he first noticed their looks as they spoke
then he noticed the flowers. He turned to talk to brookings teen porn Geoff only to find him
staring at the approaching pair smiling. He wondered what was going on
between the three of them. Paul said goodbye to Geoff illegal virgin teen porn and headed off.The three young men, headed to their last class. Soon it was all over the
classes finished for another year. They all had one year to go then it was
out into the world.They stood at the gate talking, when Donald remembered his last envelope,
he fished it out and handed it to Geoff,"This is for you Geoff."Geoff opened the envelope, found the voucher and just looked at Donald. He
then read the card. "Geoff you are special to me in a way you will never
know. I wish our friendship will last forever."Geoff looked at Donald then Mark."You two are the best friends anyone can have, I'm glad you two found each
other. I was jealous as hell of what you have at first but now I realize
I'm part sex teens of it, I love you both. So what now?""Lets head to my place we can do some gaming and we can talk." said Donald.
So off they headed.While walking Mark phoned home to say he what he was doing, Geoff didn't
bother, his mother was still at him porn+anal+pain+teen about what was happening, he needed to
get away from her. They arrived at Donald's and got settled, Donald got
some beers and crisps to get them started. He put the flowers in some
water, then headed to the living room. They played and talked and after an
hour or more drinking they were very relaxed and discussing what to have
for dinner, when there was a knock at the door. Donald got up and answered
it, there stood a handsome young man, at first he didn't recognise him."Hi Donald, how are you? I know this is gonna sound weird but I needed to
see you." The guy had a pleasant voice as well very calming. The penny
dropped in Donald's head, it was the young PC that had interviewed him."PC Kowalski, I didn't recognise you. What you doing here? Why not come
in." Donald waved him past him then led him through to the living room
were as they approach they could hear the usual team play game talk"There on the left. Got the git" and a whole lot of others.Donald led the young Policeman into the room,"You met Mark and Geoff. psp teen porn
The PC smiled, all three boys were a little
stunned he was a handsome man but smiling he was stunning. Even Geoff
found him attractive,"Hi guys, sorry to disturb you all. Donald I had come round to make sure
all was ok and to ask you something but it can wait."Donald sensing the PC was embarrassed asked if he wanted a drink and stood
to head to the kitchen. He asked the PC to follow. The PC opted for a
beer, 'I needed some Dutch courage" he thought. He stood his back against
the kitchen counter looking at Donald, it was hard to admit but he was
attracted to this young man.PC Toby Kowalski was 24, he was a little under 6 ft, 185 lbs of muscle, 3%
body fat. If he stood naked he was a perfect example to use to should of
stance and musculature. He was blond, his hair cut in a military style and
his eyes were a piercing blue, the blue of a tropical lagoon. He had never
had problems with finding a partner but he wanted a lover.The PC stood for a bit sipping at the beer talking small talk as Donald put
some pizza in the oven."So PC Kowalski why are you really here?" Donald had noticed the way the
copper was looking at him, undressing teen porn pic post him with his eyes."Toby. Please." said PC Kowalski. "Well I only recently moved teen live porn com to the area
and don't know many people other than through work, as I'm gay teen asleep porn I had hoped
to meet some locals, illegal virgin teen porn
you were the first." he psp teen porn smiled at him.Donald smiled "Toby until iranian teen porn Saturday I was looking also. Then thanks to what
happened I found someone for me. Tell you what stay for a bit and you can
get to know Mark and Geoff as well as me better. We are just chilling
tonight as its the start of the holidays.""Donald I feel bad imposing, you sure it's ok." Donald just smiled. Toby
felt his stomach lurch. He had heard what Donald had said so he knew he
had someone, he felt he had missed out on this one, but was surprisingly
happy. Donald had offered friendship, had he known Donald, he would
eventually, he would know this was just Donald, he worried more for others
than himself.At this point Geoff came into the room to check on the food teen live porn com supplies and
get more beer."You guys ok,"First looking at Donald then the Copper, "Where?s the
munchies we're starving""Geoff, Toby, came over to see how I was so I've invited him to join us,
can you take him through to the front room to game.Toby still wanted to leave but Donald insisted he stay and get to know the
guys. He decided it might be good to do this it meant he could drink and
game he might even get the guys to play some cards, something he enjoyed.He followed Geoff through, leaving Donald to sort out the pizza, to join
Mark in the front room gaming, he sat teen sex movs
on the couch and watched for a bit.
Toby assumed that Donald's boyfriend was one of the two men in the room.
They were both handsome men and had a lot to offer. He sat watching them
and decided after some time it was Geoff, he was the one that would suit
Donald best.Donald came throughout with a couple of plates with slices of pizza on them
he put them an the coffee table and said "help brookings teen porn yourselves." He smiled as
the guys grabbed the pizza and started eating. He sat down on the couch,
Toby at one free xxx young teens end and him at the other. Mark moved next to teen porn jpegs him between them,
giving Toby a funny look. Toby immediately knew who Donald's free japaness teen porn boyfriend
from the look he smiled to himself. He had been wrong, but that was ok he
was happy for them.Geoff invited Toby to join him in a co operation game of Call of Duty, so
he moved to the floor next to him. After a while he was enjoying the
others company they were good lads, Mark and Donald were obviously a couple
and he liked Geoff who was able to talk about a range of subjects from
music to cars even politics. They sort of paired off Geoff and Toby and
Donald and Mark. The night draw on and the guys had a drank a reasonable
amount, they were very relaxed. Geoff a little more so, that when Toby
suggested they play some poker Geoff said he fancied strip poker. Mark and
Donald had teen porn post
no issue with this, they had seen each other as well as Geoff
naked at college. Toby brookings teen porn wasn't sure about this turn of events. He had
another beer and his courage increased enough to say,"Ok basic rules of poker, nothing special, worst hand removes an item.
Winning hand deals."They all agreed, Donald found some cards and they sat round the coffee
table and started, the first few hands were fairly even, all the guys had
lost at least two items. Shoes and socks were off, another hand was dealt
and Toby knew he was safe when he saw it. Geoff lost this one. He had two
options trousers or t shirt, he opted for the shirt. Neither Mark or
Donald bothered much with looking at him, Toby was impressed with his
torso. He had a six pack and pretty defined pecs as well.Another couple of hands had them all sitting topless."We playing till the death?" Mark asked."What?s the death?" Toby asked a little uncertain. He was after all a
cop, if this got out it could cause him some issues in the force. He like
the guys and didn't think they would do anything to hurt anyone they were
friends with. They seemed to support each other in all they did."The death is when we iranian teen porn are all butt naked, although if you lose three hands
once your naked, and before the last guy is naked you will have a forfeit,
usually something like dancing around or getting your arse spanked. It?s
how we used to do it in the football team." Was Geoff's replyToby blushed a little at illeagle russian teen porn the thought of losing, although it could be fun to
see any of young teen sex gallery the guys naked and dancing. So he nodded he was ok and the game
continued.After the next two hands he was having second thoughts, he was now in his
boxer briefs, as was Mark, he sat nervously smiling. Geoff was amazed at
how much he looked at Toby's body, he had never seen such free japaness teen porn a handsome man.They started another hand soon after Donald was the only one still in teen porn pic post his
trousers. He couldn't keep his eyes of Marks body, much as he had noticed
with Geoff and Toby."Do we take a break or keep playing," Donald asked, "it's late and we are a
little drunk I'd say." He knew if they continued thing would happen they
may all regret.Geoff said he was still up for it, 'especially if we get Toby nude' he
thought. Toby was in two minds he was enjoying the company, but was
worried where this could lead. Mark just wanted to be with Donald.In the end they decided they would play one more hand and that would be it,
the hand was dealt and they started playing, Donald knew his hand was a
good one so he felt ok, the other three asked for cards. Toby was a little
worried as was Mark.They started to reveal their hands, in the end Toby lost. To shouts of
"off,off,off" he stood nervously, he hooked his hands into his waist band
and slowly started to work it down.Geoff couldn't wait, he had never thought about men till Toby, he could
feel his cock hardening at the thought of Toby. All three college boys
were in awe as the copper slowly, teasingly lowered his briefs.Just as his cock was about to show, they presently were getting a great
view of his trimmed pubes, he stopped."I can't guys I'm sorry." he had suddenly sobered up and knew what was
happening was a really bad idea.Geoff was furiously trying to hide his hard on, to late unfortunately the
three others had seen it.Donald saved him and Toby from further embarrassment by say "Ok games over
we better get dressed." Mark then noticed the time and said he had better
go his parents would be away on their trip so he had to make sure all was
well with the house.Toby breathed a sigh of relief and started dressing, he did noticed Geoff
watching him. He felt good, the guys had been great they had had a
fantastic time. They were now dressed again Mark had called a Taxi and
while waiting they all talked, they found out that Toby live close to Geoff
so they planned to all get the taxi to Mark's then Geoff and Toby could
walk the short way that was left.Once this was decided Mark and Donald, went to the kitchen to kiss
goodnight, leaving Toby and Geoff to talk. All to soon the Taxi was there
and they all said goodnight hugging and kissing as they left."I haven't forgotten tonight" said Donald, "when do you want me over."Mark smiled "aim for six, I'll see you soon handsome." Then after another
quick kiss disappeared out to the taxi. Donald locked up and headed to
bed, the other three talked about how the night had gone. Toby had said he
had had a fantastic time and wanted to do it again. They soon arrived at
Marks and after paying the driver stood quietly talking before Geoff and
Toby headed off. Mark sent a text to Donald to say goodnight and headed
in.Geoff and Toby chatted as they walked, Toby told Geoff how he had enjoyed
the evening and that they "were all good lads", he felt good and had made
some friends. Geoff felt a little weird when he was told this, he felt
nauseous. He kept walking but slowed a little, Toby asked what was up and
Geoff said he wasn't feeling to good. They were approaching Toby's flat,
and the feeling in Geoff's gut got worse."You sure your gonna be ok?" Toby asked. "Do you want to come in and get
some water or something."At this his stomach lurch again."Maybe I should," he said, "I feel as if I'm gonna be sick but, know that I
won't. If you know what I mean."Toby helped him to his door, then guided him in. Geoff started to feel
nervous all of a sudden the stomach problems disappearing, 'what in hell is
wrong with me' he thought. teen panty porn thumbs
Toby got some water and guided Geoff to his
living room. He was worried Geoff looked very naked teen porn sites pale, he didn't think it was
the drink as they hadn't had a lot. He handed the water to Geoff, their
fingers touching briefly. Suddenly Geoff knew what was wrong he took the
glass from Toby and took a sip then sat it down. Toby was watching him
concerned, teen asleep porn
he liked Geoff, but didn't really know much about him.Geoff turned to face Toby and notice him illegal virgin teen porn
watching him, the concern showing."Toby thanks for this, I feel a bit better, I really don't know what's
wrong." He smiled, he then moved closer to Toby. "I got something I need
to say but don't know how to say it. So I'll just say it. I think your
hot, I think what I've been feeling is panic that I was gonna have to say
goodnight and leave you. Do you know what I'm getting at, it's not love I
think but I want to be with you."Toby knew exactly what he meant he had felt something similar when at
Donald's for all three men."I've never felt this way for a man, Toby, I love Mark, but as a brother.
I want to hold you. Can collage teen porn I?"Toby stood then pulled Geoff up to his feet."You telling me your a virgin or that your straight." Toby said holding his
hand."I'm no virgin, well in some things anyway, and as for straight I am no
longer sure, with collage teen porn
the way I feel."Geoff on saying this kissed Toby, he pulled back and smiled. "That felt
right, you know the only man I have ever kissed was my dad and I was like
six."Toby looked at Geoff and simply said, "You want to stay the night. I think
we both need the company"Geoff could only nod, he thought of calling his parents but they high quality teen porn would
assume he had stayed at Marks so just left it.Toby led Geoff to his bedroom he stood for a minute, "You sure you want to
do this, I won't be upset if you don't. If you stay we will take it slow."Geoff stood looking at Toby, "Yes I want to be here, the longer I'm with
you the righter it feels. I know you may think it's the drink but I
sobered up the second we kissed. Let's see where this goes." With this he
started to remove his shoes and socks, As he went to take of his shirt off
Toby reach to stop him."Can I do that?"Geoff just nodded and Toby stepped in close, he gently stroked his hands
over Geoff's arms, then lifting them up ran his hands along Geoff's sides.
He worked round to the front of Geoff's body and slow started teen porn video
to unbutton
the shirt his hands working their way over his firm abs and up to his
chest. Toby though Geoff had a fantastic body, he was revelling in the
feel of it. Once he had the shirt undone he slipped his hands in under it
running them over the smooth flesh. Geoff was smooth skinned, it felt warm
and firm under Toby's hands, he slowly helped Geoff off with his shirt and
let his hands explore more of his body. Toby was excited by the feel of
Geoff, he could feel him trembling under his hands, he knew it was
excitement by the look on Geoff's face.He leant in to Geoff pulling him close and kissed him long and hard. As
they kissed Geoff worked his hands around Toby's body working his shirt
off. Soon they stood chest to chest. The only difference in the two men
was Toby had hair spread over his between his large prominent nipples. It
was so light to be barely visible and it was soft to the touch, Geoff loved
the feel of it. Toby broke the kiss and stood back looking at Geoff, he
was standing looking back at him a smile on his face. Toby moved in and
started kissing him again this time he started at his neck and slowly
kissing every inch he worked his way down.On reaching Geoff's right nipple he nipped at it, getting a gasp from him,
he nipped and licked at it listening to Geoff ever faster breathing and
whimpering. 'Geoff likes this.' He thought, 'we'll come back to this
later.'. He continued his way down across Geoff stomach kissing each Ab and
on reaching his navel running his Tongue over it and dipping in, he loved
innies. He had reach Geoff's waist band and reached to slowly undo it. As
he did the heel of his hand brushed something hard and very hot, as it did
Geoff gasped loudly and shuddered."You carrying a concealed weapon young man?" He asked leaning back a little
and looking into Geoff's face.Geoff couldn't answer he was in heaven he had never felt like this, ever,
he thought Lorraine had been the best lover, but she was nothing compared
to this man teen sex porn samples
now kneeling in front of him. He and almost cum twice while
being kissed, it had taken all his control not to. He had never been so
hard in his life, he knew this was what he had been waiting for. He need
to cool down a bit, so reaching down pulled Toby up to his feet."My turn"Geoff started to rub his hands over Toby's chest, he wasn't sure how to
approach what he was doing. He wanted to worship free japaness teen porn Toby's body as much as
Toby had his. He pushed Toby onto the bed on his back and sat astride his
waist. He kept most of his weigh off of him as he leant forward to kiss
him first on the lips then his forehead and eyes. He then teen sex images kissed both his
ears, nipping at them, as he did. He worked down onto his neck and kissed
gently at the point where neck met shoulder, he felt Toby shudder as he
did, he could also feel Toby's excitement behind him. As he kissed his way
down onto Toby's chest he slid backward of his waist and across his crotch,
Toby teens porn
was whimpering loudly, his eyes closed. They both could feel each
others, cocks still trapped in their trousers but straining.Geoff kissed and licked at the large nipples, this was one area he had had
experience in so knew how to really give them a work out. By the time he
was done, and was working his way down Toby's trail to his navel, Toby was
writhing, begging him to stop. He had now reached Toby's navel. As he
kissed and licked at it his hands came up below him to undo Toby's
trousers. He wanted to see what they hid, he knew it was big but he had to
see it. He managed to get the trousers undone and started to wrestle them
down a bit. He moved off of Toby to the side and as he did Toby lifted up
his butt allowing him to pull the trousers off."You are beautiful, I want to kiss and lick every part of you." Geoff
said. He still couldn't believe he was doing and saying this but he knew
it's what he wanted.Toby just smiled and lay his eyes half closed, an ever increasing damp
patch on the front of his briefs. Geoff teen live porn com stood and quickly iranian teen porn
pulled off his
trousers and then knelt on the bed next to Toby. He ran his left hand
along Toby's left leg and up over the briefs to his belly button. As his
hand brush over the engorged cock it jumped, he let his hand rest on Toby's
stomach, Greg watched him breathing, there was something primal in being
with a man, over a woman, he felt. Some things were the same but others
were more animal, like when they had kissed.Toby lay in heaven, it had been a while for him, he was enjoying every
little touch and kiss Geoff gave him. He looked up at Geoff, who was
kneeling over him."Geoff I'm glad you stayed, it?s been a while since I was with anyone and I
want to make it good for your first time. Although you do seem to have
some innate talents." He smiled.Geoff collage teen porn felt like he was floating, he had never been with a guy and here he
was with this gorgeous man who was praising him for what he was doing.Toby reach up and pulled Geoff down, beside him. They were now lying side
by side on the bed. Looking into each other?s eyes. Toby leant in a
kissed Geoff, while his hand reached down and grasped his shaft through his
underwear."If it?s ok with you I have plans for this." Then giving the hot rod in
his hand a gentle squeeze spun round so his face was opposite Geoff's
crotch. He could teen whores porn see Geoff was a leaker, as was he, by the huge wet spot,
he lent in and licked it, tasting the sweetness of Geoff's teen sex tube precum then the
bitterness from the pants that had been on most of the day. He reached the
underwear pulling it down to release Geoff's seven in stoner. He let the
band snap gently back onto Geoff's nuts, he got a strangled "oof" for his
effort. He gently pulled the band away again and this time reached in and
lifted the hairless sack and its contents over the japaneis teen porn band and let it hand
outside the underwear. He pushed Geoff onto his back and move next to him.Geoff could feel the hot breath from Toby on his shaft as he lend over him,
his mouth only inches from it. He lay there when suddenly he felt an
intense heat engulf him. Toby had taken two thirds of his shaft into his
mouth, his tongue flicking at the head tasting the precum that was flowing
freely now. He pulled back slightly and Geoff thrust up not wanting to be
realized from this warm cavern of joy. Geoff had had lots of blow jobs but
this one was already promising to be fantastic. He could feel Toby's
tongue working around his head, then around his shaft as Toby swallowed
what he could. Geoff could also feel the unmistakeable heat from Toby's
crotch, next to him, he reached and touch it, he felt how hard it was, it
was unbelievable.Toby started to suck Geoff his tongue exploring the head and shaft as he
did. He worked the rigid member in and out of his mouth enjoying the taste
and sensations. He felt Geoff touch him, in his head he was screaming,
'please'. The only sound he made was, "mmmmmmmffffff" as he worked teen panty porn thumbs harder
at Geoff's cock. He felt his own 10 inch member being release then heard
the startled, "Jesus", when Geoff realised it's true size.He pulled off Geoff for a second, looking along him. "Geoff you don't need
to do anything with it, I'll manage if you are not sure."Geoff smiled back "No way, I'm in all the way now so let's see what I can
do." Toby watched as Geoff lent in and swallowed the head of his uncut
cock. He nearly came there and then, it had been so long, he felt Geoff's
tongue explore much as his did but then he felt it dip between his foreskin
and the free japaness teen porn
glans. It nearly ended him again, if Geoff could do this his first
time he would be amazing after some practice. He resumed his sucking
determined to get Geoff off before or at the same time he did.Geoff took Toby into his mouth and sucked and licked at the shrouded cock
head. He then tried something that Lorraine used to do to him. The
response he felt gave him an amazing feeling, he know he was pleasing Toby.
So he kept at it sucking and licking, he could feel Toby's cock swell and
knew he must be close, suddenly he felt Toby swallow him again and the race
was on to see who would shoot first.Both men were right on porn+anal+pain+teen the edge, slowly they worked each other to the point
of no return. Toby tried to pull out of Geoff's mouth as he felt himself
go over the edge. As he did he felt Geoff hands pulling down on his butt
cheeks preventing him from pulling out.Toby felt the first pulse of Geoff cumming and lift his head so only the
glans were held in his mouth. He felt the first shot rattle into his
tonsils followed by 4 more in quick succession, he loved the taste, Geoff
was salty and sweet. brooklyn free teen porn As he sucked Geoff dry he was hit by his own orgasm,
he started to shoot into Geoff's mouth. Geoff hands teen sex images holding him in place
as he shot again and again, he could feel his cum surrounding his cock
Geoff was holding it in his mouth. Toby finally rolled off Geoff and as he
did he felt his cock pop out teen porn forum of Geoff's mouth. He lay on his back felling
his cum run down his shaft.Geoff wasn't sure if he should swallow or spit, the taste was weird, it
wasn't bitter but it wasn't sweet, like his either. As he held it in his
mouth he felt Toby moving, he was turning so they could face each other.
Toby kissed Geoff and got the surprise of his life as his tongue entered
his mouth. He could taste his own cum there, in fact his tongue was bathed
in it. He pulled back a bit and spoke, "You are fuckin' amazing Geoff, if
you don't want to swallow it, spit it out here." he offered a towel to
him.It was to late Geoff had bit the bullet and swallowed it all, Toby looked
at him amazed at what had just happened. He moved closer kissing Geoff
again. They had both enjoyed each other and now they were tired. Geoff
rolled onto his side and felt Toby move behind him, his cum wet cock
resting in the crack of his arse. They spooned Toby holding Geoff gently,
kissing the back of his neck as he did. He lent behind and turned of the
light and soon both men were asleep.Geoff woke a little confused at first, it was mid morning, he could hear a
noise of running water. He sat up and immediately remembered were he was
and what had happened. He smiled as he got out off bed and andge faces porn teen
headed to the
bathroom and the noise. He found Toby with his back to to door thai teen pussy showering,
so he moved behind him and wrapped his arms round his waist."Want your back scrubbed, handsome." he leaned in and kissed Toby's back as
he did this. Toby looked over his shoulder and smiled. He turned round
and pulled Geoff into a wet embrace, which led to some more kissing. They
cleaned each other thoroughly and after some horseplay got out and dried
off. Geoff looked into Toby's eyes as he did,"Toby I need to say something to you. Last night I did something I have
never done or thought of doing before." He paused to gather his thoughts.
Toby looked at him worried about where this was going. "I can say now I
have never felt like that ever. It was the best night I've ever had. I
truly knew what it was to love someone and be loved back. I only hope you
felt the same.".Toby was so dumbfounded he dropped the towel."Geoff you are amazing,If you enjoyed this tale, or want free webcams teen porn to know when the
next tale is being release drop me a line at Kiltie69hotmail.com. I try to
respond to all messages.Please check the prolific author section, under Kiltie69, for more of my
stories. if you enjoyed this one.I said it last night I'll say in again. I teen porn video have never felt the way I latin american teen porn
last night. I want more but wasn't sure if you would. We don't have to
rush, last night we will put down to the drink and poker teen porn forum but I'm glad it
happened."Geoff could only smile he had found love in the most unusual of places.
'What am I going to say to Donald and Mark' he thought as he followed Toby
to the kitchen and some breakfast.------------------------------------------------------------------------------I always enjoy hearing from those who read teen porn lesbians my tales. so please contact me
on the mail below. I try to respond to all emails that i receive.If you enjoyed this tale, or want to know when the next tale is being
release drop me a line at Kiltie69hotmail.com.Please check the prolific author section, under Kiltie69, for more of my
stories. if you enjoyed this one.
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